Saturday 20 April 2013

Spending ban - Week 13 wish list

 So my spending ban ends in two days (22/04/13) and I'm looking to keep it going. It has had it's ups and downs but I've 100% been spending less than normal which is the main bonus of it all. It's a little like a diet, now and then you give yourself a treat but you know you need to work harder the next day. 

Here is my last weekly spending ban wish list. 

Pro-Base Makeup Fixing Mist from MUA - £5
Nail Polish from MUA (Bright Coral, Bold Blue, Lush Lilac) - £1 each
F1 Foundation Brush from MUA - £3
Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance Leave In Conditioner from Superdrug - £4.49
KTC Amla Hair Oil from Superdrug - £1.49
Rovena Roller Hat With Bow In Black from MissGuided - £12.99

Below you can see the rules. All that are in bold I passed with flying colours, italic rules mean I messed up a little but kept to it and normal font means I failed it. 

1) I can not buy or spend money on any beauty products, hair products or anything that isn't an essential item (deodorants, lady items) unless it is for university or for my next giveaway. (stuff for my room at university or books) Things that lighten the load before I go but I can get my eyebrows done once or twice a month as it only costs £3 - £5.

2) Other than the essential items including food and drink daily I can only spend money on my deposit for a holiday, playing off my holiday and Euros for my holiday.

3) I can not ask friends or family to buy items for me, but I can accept gifts from them, PRs or freebies from companies. I can also spend any money/vouchers I win.

4) I must go to the gym each time I think about going out shopping

5) I can not go out clubbing, drinking or for a meal unless it is a friend or family members birthday and I really can't get out of it.

6) All money I earn from work must go in a piggy bank. I can buy the piggy bank but it must cost less than £5.

7) I can not buy clothing unless it is essential (if for whatever reason I run out of leggings and so on)

8) My bus travel is free so only use buses unless I am going to work or my dad's where I have to get a train.

9) Make a packed lunch from items my mum has in the house and don't buy food at college/work unless I am super hungry and try and find something cheap.

10) Do a weekly wish list of items I wish I could be spending money on and tell you how it is going. I'll do this weekly on a Saturday.

11) Think about my holiday and why I am saving daily.

Overall, I think I did very well. I didn't buy many clothing items and if I did they were on sale or I used discount codes. I always did my weekly wish lists & I didn't ever ask friends or family to buy me stuff. I did try my best with putting my money aside but I always seems to dip into it for college food and weekly shopping and my phone bill. I have saved loads though. I paid off my holiday in full, paid for my insurance and train ticket and I have my full spending money! Pretty good huh? All in 100 days
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