Monday 6 May 2013

Amazing bank holiday

I've had just a nice day today. I woke up a little down in the dumps and it took me over two hours to find something I was happy with wearing. I then got a cab with my mum to my grandad's house where I met up with my auntie and her husband who live in Australia. I've not seen her in about 10 years I think and it was super emotional and gave me all the more reason to travel to Australia. 
I've recently been learning about it as I do geography with my tourism course and I fell in love with the country. 

British Airways
I've been looking at flights for November this year but I just wanted prices as it is likely we would go next year if we do go. I'm in shock at how low some of the prices are, I was expecting £1000+ each person. I really want to fly Emirates but whatever airline is cheapest.
Emirates Airlines
Malaysia Airline
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