Friday 17 May 2013

Look at these bad boys!

How amazing are these lightweight lace-up platforms from Bank Fashion? They have been inspired by the classic Kick Hi boot and features black canvas uppers which have been brought to life by paint-box-bright branded eyelets and the rainbow layered sole is an amazing 75mm high!  
I was searching on Bank Fashion today after seeing some awesome boots that a blogger had on her OOTD then I came across these little beauties. I fell in love with them. I wish the pricetag wasn't do big though. I have to pray that someone will buy me them, my birthday is in four months. *giggles*

LazyOaf do some amazingly awesome kicks, here are my favourite 4. I adore their triple creepers and they are still the original underground ones. Anyone want to buy me a pair? :)

Lazy Oaf X Underground Triple Sole Glitter Creepers - £140
Lazy Oaf X Kickers Kick Lazy Brogue (black & white pair) - £110
Lazy Oaf X Kickers Kick Lazy Dotty (red and white polka dot) £100
Lazy Oaf X Kickers Kick Lazy Glitter - £100

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