Saturday 11 May 2013

May 2013 writing challenge - Day 11

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Day 11: What Is Your School Status?  (nerd, jock, prep, bully - etc)
I've not been in school for about 4/5 years now. I think I've been many 'statuses'. In the UK a 'status' isn't as big as it seems to be in American high schools (what I've seen in movies) I'd like to think if I was ever in an American high school I'd be pretty popular, the girl everyone knows but she isn't 'cool' I mean I'm deffo no cheerleader or a stick thin 'sl*t' like you see in the movies and I don't have a daddy who will buy me loubs every month or a new handbag. I'm sort of that girl loads of people get on with but you don't notice me much. I don't smoke, I'm not into rock music so I couldn't be in the stoner or emo cliques. I am rubbish at art and music so that rules me out there too. I've been the nerd too (I try to be some times) and I've been the bully (which I'm not proud of) and I've been bullied. I've climbed and fallen the social ladder but at my age none of that means a thing to me. I know who my friends are and I'm not here to be liked by people. The truth is the more friends you have the more drama you have! I've never been a jock though, look at me haha I'd never be athletic! 
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