Monday 13 May 2013

May 2013 writing challenge - Day 13

Day 13: Last Time You Had A Cry And Why?
I had a little cry yesterday funny enough, didn't take me too long to remember. I got home from college about 5:15pm and I was really stressed out, my mum rang me and I missed her call and then I tried to ring her back and she was back in work. I just broke down crying. It had all got to me and I had a little 10 minute sobbing session where I was feeling sorry for myself till I got up, saw myself in the mirror and my mascara was all over my face and I looked like a weird panda. I think I really needed that cry, I had been keeping so much bottled in for so long I really needed it. I am so stressed with college and I really need more income so I've not been feeling so amazing the last month. But things are looking up and I can't wait to finish college for the summer. I don't cry too often really, so it is nice every now and then to just let everything out then pick yourself back up again with a tub of ice cream or a chocolate bar

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