Wednesday 15 May 2013

May 2013 writing challenge - Day 15

 Day 15: Something You’re Currently Worrying About And Why

I am currently worrying about my maths exam and then the results, if I fail this it means I can't go university or at least it means I can't go to the university that I want. I am so bad at maths and I'd go as far as to say I hate maths. I honestly believe that as long as you can count your change, work out VAT and tax you're sweet. What else can you need? Everything else in maths can be worked out by someone else lol I mean if you can't even work out your taxes, someone who likes maths can do it for you. We live in a world where our phones can work everything out for us and I believe that is why I am so lazy with it! I know when I buy something how much it will cost, how much my student discount takes off and stuff like that. I'm doing tourism do I really need to know all the other rubbish? Anyway, that is what I am worrying about. I think I have to wait like 6 weeks to find out my results. Wish me luck!

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