Sunday 12 May 2013

Mum's Birthday

We went Wetherspoons today for mum's birthday, it is a bit of a family tradition now. We go for mum's, granddad's and my birthday every year. (May & September twice) which is lovely because it feels so nice to have a giggle and eat some lovely food. Today was Sunday Club at Wetherspoons so I got a large Sunday roast and a chocolate sundae. Both were amazing but the roast was some what cold, which I find happens most of the time with Wetherspoons, their food is always lukewarm and you never get enough gravy!

Anyway, we had a really nice day, shame about the rain towards the end though. It is also Mother's Day all around the world (apart from the UK) so...
Happy birthday and happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mummy and wishing her many more years of happiness. 

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