Thursday 9 May 2013

Revision Time

I'm sure for many May & June is the worst months of their college, school and university lives. I am currently finishing off all my work, doing my exams and perfecting my work. Tomorrow I have a two hour geography exam. I am awful at geography. I am the blonde girl in my class. I ask stupid questions and didn't even know Timbuktu was a real place. I need all the luck I can get. I have 60 questions to do in less than two hours

The exam is 'world wide' which means there are over 1000 questions they can ask me about the world from currencies and time zones to why countries are on the decline. I have loads of work on USA and Asia but none really on Europe and UK. I need loads of luck here. 

To top all this stress off, I have a maths exam on the 16th! Really not looking forward to it. I hate maths. :( Wish me even more luck on this one! 
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