Sunday 2 June 2013

Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit* Review

As most of you know I am a beautician, so when I got asked if I wanted to try out and review this product I jumped at the chance! (Yes this means I got this free)
1) The device, 2) Wax on my leg 3) Wax on the strip

Of course I know how to wax correctly at home as I already have a wax pot, strips and spatulas so I was expecting less mess and a much quicker application (I wax expecting it to heat up quicker) I couldn't be more wrong. The design is amazing including the shape and size and I'm amazed that you get a refill with the item along with more wipes and strips. I'll have to add I only used it on my legs/arms and my hair wasn't at an ideal length as I had shaved both legs about 6 days before (but my hair does grow pretty quick)
Hot Wax for bikini line and/or underarms, the full kit boxed up and un boxed.

First of all don't listen to the specified time in the instructions, you need to wait 40+ minutes for it to heat up not the recommended 20 as it is still cold and does not glide smoothly. Home waxing can always be painful if you can't taut the skin correctly and I believe the fact the wax never gets hot enough adds to this pain. If you don't wait the 40 minutes this is where the mess comes, you end up getting cold wax on you which is very hard to get off even with the after wax pads. 
There isn't really enough strips, but of couse Veet sell them so you have to buy more. I know you can use both sides but sometimes it is nice to know you can use more strips. I was very lucky that I had three packs of my own strips that were bigger and I could use. The cleaning wipes are amazing and I'll 100% invest in getting some more. They are probably the best part to the kit, they feel like nail varnish remover pads but work a charm, making your legs feel soft and sexy instantly.

Once the wax does heat it up works pretty effortlessly and as long as you put the right amount of wax (normally go over the area twice) you should get all the hair off with one strip.

  • Wait at least 40 minutes before trying to use
  • Sprinkle talcum powder on your legs (only a little) before waxing, this will let you know where you have waxed, if you have missed a spot it will also absorb any excess moisture on the area so the wax and strip can adhere properly.
  • Use hot wax not warm wax on curly hair, bikinis and underarms. If you get ingrown hairs I'd say use hot wax... 
  • Never do a full 'down there' wax on yourself, it is hard to do and YOU will have pain!
  • Never pull the strip off like a plaster, taut the skin and pull against the way your hair is going.  
  • Exfoliating and moisturising is needed before and after waxing. 
  • Immediately after removing the strip you should apply pressure to the area to help  make skin less sensitive. 
  • Always leave a 'lip' om the strip, it means you will never get the whole strip stuck to u where you can't pull it off!
 Overall, I'd say this is perfect for people who always home wax and know what they are doing but if you'd like to try it out I have a one time 50% discount for all my readers! 
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