Thursday 18 July 2013

Motel Vintage - Style in Vintage

 If you haven't already seen Motel Rocks has recently added a vintage range to their already amazing collection of clothing. 


I was born in the early 90's, and had the best half of my childhood there. I am a big 90's kid and love that decade and everything about it. Of course for me I can't really remember anything before 1995 because I was only a little bubba but times were much simpler, not only because I was a child but because our lives wasn't ruled by TV and computers. I miss the bright colours, my Ferby, my Tamagotchi and the Spice Girls. I decided I'll do my mood board on the 90's, as it will bring back so much of my childhood. 


 The 90's were filled with neon jellies shoes, denim, skorts, butterfly clips, Doc Martens, baby doll dresses, overalls (dungarees) and baggy hip-hop clothing and just thinking about it makes me excited but a little scared. 

the slap bracelet was among children, pre-teens and teenagers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was a straightened bracelet that is slapped against your wrist causing it to spring into a curve around it.
Motel Edie Denim Jumpsuit in Black Wash from Motel Rocks - £60
I'm not sure if this is 100% classed as a 90s style dungaree but they are really in fashion this season and I love it.
Motel Vintage Leather Rucksack 0005 from Motel Rocks - £70
I love rucksacks, the bigger the better and the groover the better. They remind me of my primary school days when I'd have a bag nearly as big as me filled with all my pens and school books.
Juju Babe Heeled Jelly Shoe in Black PVC from Motel Rocks - £25
Juju Maxi Flat Jelly Shoes in Black PVC from Motel Rocks - £18
I don't like the jelly shoes on people these days, only because I've seen people with size 7+ feet in them. I'm sure they look super cute on smaller feet. I remember having these in a range of colour throughout the summer months when I was younger. I felt like the coolest kid alive in my jellies.
Velvet Hair Scrunchies from Ebay - £1.50 / 3
I remember these and still love these badboys. They are amazing with thick hair. 
Rubix Cube Necklace from John Greed - £8.95 (out of stock)
This is totally 90s! I know it was in fact invented in the mid 70s but this was a massive part of my childhood. I actually pulled my thumb out of it's joint using one! 
Dr. Martens in white from Motel Rocks - £100
These were all the range with a cute baby doll dress or dungarees. 

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