Monday 29 July 2013

Online shopping

I had a £12 voucher after taking my broken creepers back to New Look last month and when I spotted they had a sale I jumped at it. I decided I still needed creepers because I love them so and against the wise words of my friends I got a new pair. This time I got the plain black and not the spike pair in the hope they'd not break like my last two pairs from New Look. I had £1 left on the voucher so I decided to buy a pair of cute panda socks too. 

I got the order on Saturday which was 6 days after I ordered but still pretty quick at such a peak time of New Look with their big sale being on. I was over the moon TILL... I looked at the socks and spotted a hole in the heel. It was only pea size but it still annoyed me because it will only grow. So yesterday (Sunday) I decided to pop into my local New Look where I asked for an exchange. They didn't have the panda socks in store but they had a different pair which were the same style (with the face on the toes) the lady then told me I had to pay for the new pair. I wasn't best pleased and said that it wasn't my fault the socks had a hole in and the pair I picked up were on sale online too so why should I pay the full price for a mistake New Look made. Long story short I didn't pick up the socks out of principle and now I am panda sock-less :(  

I have to wonder about New Look sometimes, I love the store so much but this is the 5th time I've had a problem with them! Twice I've had to take broken shoes back (within weeks of buying them), this incident, I got stuff online which wasn't good quality, I had to wait 24 hours for my refund and they messed it up! There are only so many chances I can give to a store and soon they will lose my custom all together.

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