Thursday 3 October 2013

What I got for my birthday

So if you didn't know, now you know... It was my birthday on last Friday (27.09) so I decided I'd do a post about what I got as I did a post on what I want.

I as you may have seen I was very fortunate that my mum decided to pay for me to go to Morocco with her in two weeks but her gifts didn't stop there. She was the best mummy in the world and got me what I needed. A new dictaphone. She got me the one from my wish list and it is coming in handy in my lectures and seminars. She also got me these two big, beautiful bags for university. A super cute red spotty satchel and a black and beige embellished bag.

From my dad, step-mum and little brother I got three Benefit's BADgal mini eye-liners, Police To Be perfume/ body lotion and £50. I spent the £50 in Westfield Stratford City yesterday after university. You can see what on by clicking here. I adore the Police To Be perfume so much. My little brother picked it because of the bottle and lucky for it it smells beautiful!

 And I was super lucky to get the Kisstory CD from my neighbour. If you follow me on Twitter you'd know how much I adore Kisstory. I love it so much, I listen to it daily and nothing else.

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