Monday 30 September 2013

Day from hell

I'm having one of them stressy days. I just need to rant it all out!

I got home from work last night about half 11 and headed to bed, I could hardly sleep all night, just keep tossing and turning. My alarm went off at 10:30am because that gives me an hour and 15 mins to get ready before leaving for uni.
I was in the shower and BOOM. It hit me. I have a seminar at 12 today. I totally forgot my timetable had changed from 1pm to 12 pm on a Monday. So I rushed around and knew I wouldn't make it so gave up with that idea. I then picked up my USB for uni and BOOM... It hit me. I hadn't even finished my seminar work nor had I read the book for my class tomorrow. As I rush through the uni website trying to download an E-boom I get told I can't and I have to pay $36 for it! So I gave up and tried to put my laptop in 3 bags. Did it fit? NO! So gave up with that. I put my top on, did it look nice? NO. I had to iron a new one.. I went to do my hair did it sit right? You guessed it. NO! I had to run my GHDs through it. At this point it is now 11:40 and I've still not eaten nor have I am fully dressed. I then saw my nose stud had come out in my awful nights sleep, I looked for it and what did I do? I stood on a mirror. My only little mirror I might add! 7 years bad luck? Surely not after my morning from hell already!  I ran out the door locking it behind me in a rage...

 I walked to the bus stop for it to say 'BUS STOP NOT IN USE' like I wasn't already running late. I burst out crying. Thank God for waterproof make-up! Lucky for me I GUESS it isn't in use from the 2nd. The wrong bus came along and me being in a rush got on it anyway. I only went three stops before I met up with the correct bus which I got to the post office and there were 20+ people in front of me. I should have posted this package on Friday but never so now it has to wait till tomorrow. I then walked to the train station and I only had £1 on my oyster which means I can go to uni but not home! I am now at the DLR station and the DLR is 6 mins away. It is currently 12:31... WISH ME LUCK! I need it. 

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  1. Ohh no! After a day like that your week can only get better!!
    Hugs x