Sunday 27 October 2013

What's in the bag? #AxParty

I thought I'd do a little blog post about what is in my goodiebag from AX Paris, everything in italics is what I'll write a review on between now and Christmas. 

  • Dr Organic Snail Gel £19.99- This is my favourite item out of the goodiebag, I was a little apprehensive when I saw this in the bag but after opening it and smelling it everything changed. It smells beautiful AND no snails are harmed when making this product as it gel from a snail, not a snail. 
  • Zoeva buffer brush 104 £9 - I was also very excited about this brush, words can't describe how soft if it. I'm not a massive make-up wearer but this can convert me!
  • Lee Stafford's my BiG FAT RooT BooST MOusse SPRaY £6.99 - This is my idea of hell, I have to be honest. I do all I can to stop my hair being big. I'll give it a go but it's likely I'll be upset with the results as I hate big hair on me. 
  • Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid Eyeliner £2.99 - I do love me a bit of liner and I can't wait to try this out!
  • Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips £11.50 - We were on the bus when we saw this and instantly started giggling like little girls, we didn't read the 'for lips' part. I am looking forward to trying it though after reading a few reviews online. 
  • Tea pigs caffeine free super fruit - I loved my tea pig from my last goodie bag so I'm looking forward to trying it again. Plus it is biodegradable!
  • Neal and Wolf's Ritual daily cleansing shampoo and conditioner sample - I'm looking forward to trying this sample, only problem is there isn't enough for my hair. I use much more than what is in the sample. If I get a good use out of it I'll write a review, if it's good I'll likely buy a full bottle anyway as we get a 15% discount. 
  • Barry M Matte Nail Paint -- Mocha £3.99 - I love the colour! I wasn't too sure at first but after testing it it's beautiful!
  • Barry M Textured nail effect -- Countess £3.99 - Oh how I love this nail varnish! I already have it on, only downside so far is it's a killer to take back off! 
  • 16k Cosmetics Nail Varnish -- Coffee Bean £6.95 - I love this colour so much, it is perfect with my skin tone and can't wait to rock it this winter.
  • 16k Cosmetics Nail Varnish -- Marzipan Madness £6.95 - This colour is perfect for a French manicure or a base coat when adding Barry M Crackle Nail Varnish.
  • Kukee Acrylic Druzy Ring £2.50 - Super cute ring, I saw something like it in Morocco last week and wanted it then so now I feel lucky!
  • Zeo -- Zest - With only 59 calories it is the perfect drink, I don't like this flavour but I will 100% make sure I taste the Tingle Bellz flavour.

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