Thursday 28 November 2013

Shopping trip

 It seems like a weekly thing now, going Oxford street for some shopping after university. Yesterday my friend and I had to go police station in West End to pick up lost property and with both of us getting a 2:1 (higher second) on our presentation we deserved a little retail therapy. We went in loads of shops from Topshop to The Perfume Shop.
The idea was to buy some Christmas presents but we ended up buying more for ourselves than others, well she did. I am very proud of myself only spending little over £30. I got two Lush products and my MAC foundation. I don't want to say what products I got as they are gifts for two of my girl friends and they may come across this post. I love Lush so much! All the beautiful smells as you walk around and the staff were lovely too. Very helpful! I also done some 'window shopping' in New Look Inspire while she picked up a few Christmas presents in there. I fell in love with the Inspire Blue Ditsy Print Belted Midi Skirt. Only problem was it was a weird length on me. It wasn't long enough to be a maxi but wasn't shop enough to be a midi. I ended up pulling it up, doing a Simon Cowell but it was still an odd length which was a shame because I really liked it and with it being elasticated waist I could have done with it being outside of the Inspire range and being in a smaller size. I might still buy it and see how it goes as I found a beautiful pair of wedges in Topshop that it would go with while I'm on the beach next summer. 
Lush's Christmas bags & MAC bag

The items


  1. You did well for £30! Lush is great, but the shop can be overwhelming. I am really liking MAC right now too! Not tried their foundation though!

  2. great shopping trip. I love shopping in oxford street over xmas, always such a nice xmassy atmosphere!!

    anna m

  3. I'm loving Lush at the moment. I'm planning on stocking up on Rock Star Soap this Christmas xx