Friday 1 November 2013

The Royal Textured Glitter Collection - Purple Countess review

I was very fortunate to get this beautiful "Purple Countess" shade in my Ax Party goodiebag (which means I did not buy it myself) and it is now my favourite nail varnish of all time. The Royal Textured Glitter Collection comes in 5 shades (including this one) and they all cost a very reasonable £3.99 I really don't want to have to take it off for work next week! 

Countess is the darkest shade out of the textured glitter collection and to be the most amazing shade too. It is beautiful enough in the bottle but once on my nails (both real and nail wheel) it is stunning, add a top coat and it feels like a whole new varnish! 

As you can see from above it is opaque enough for just one coat depending on your desired effect. Two coats is really the maximum you need as any more it gets clumpy and far too thick. As you can also see I added a top coat on the 3rd nail with the three coats and it changes the effect completely giving it a shiny look, it also stopped the roughness of the varnish. It keeps the textured effect without the textured feel, let's say it is sandpaper and adding a top coat is like used sandpaper, lost its roughness. 
I've got nothing but good things to say about this varnish BUT it is a killer to take off! I messed up one nail and it took me forever to get it all off, it went a little like glue. You 100% need a good base coat with this 

  • Good consistency
  •  Value for money
  • Quick drying
  • Nice texture
  • Comes to life with a top coat

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  1. I had this is red last year and I know what your mean about trying to get it off, its a nightmare!
    Great review! Really want this colour now :)


  2. looks great, love sparkle for the festive period