Tuesday 26 November 2013

vo5 ultimate hold weather resistant hairspray

I very rarely need hairspray as for some weird reason my hair 90% of the times does what it is told when styled so I don't know the first thing about good hairsprays. I'll be honest I've been using a cheap brand I got in Ibiza along size Superdrug own brand (both I would not recommend) but recent I've found myself needing it more and more and thought it was about time that I 'invested' in a decent, known brand hairspray. So I went into ASDA and there were loads of different brands, and let's be honest most of us are a sucker for brand advertising and product placement and I am a massive fan of Hollyoaks so guess what brand I got.. V05. I thought what the hay, I might as well. It was £3 for 400ml but there was also a smaller one for £3. 

I did think long and hard trying to decide which one was best for me as many hairsprays have 'added volume', which I don't need. I decided the 'ultimate hold, weather resistant' was best. With the winds and rain we have here in London this time of year I need it.

Picture from Ebay
 I've only used it a handful of time and not for anything drastic, just to keep them stray hairs at bay while I'm at university and it has really done the job. I started by shaking the bottle and spraying it all over my hair, I then added some to my boar bristle brush and used keep the stray hairs away. Unlike other hairsprays that I have used this wasn't too harsh on my hair, I could feel it with when I touched my hair but it brushed out so easily it was like it wasn't even in my hair. V05 pride themselves on this "V05 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray that provides all day hold that brushes out easily, leaving hair soft to touch."

Five vital benefits:
- All day hold and volume that brushes out easily, leaving hair soft to touch.
- Weather protection provides a shield against humidity for 24 hours, preventing frizz.
- Ultra fine fast drying 360° spray, with no sticky residue.
- Healthy shine to finish your volumised style.
- UV filter to help protect against environmental damage.

DIRECTIONS: Shake can well before use. Hold around 30cm from hair and mist evenly over your style.
USEFUL TIP: Spray a light application on to a brush and use to tame flyaway ends, or directly to the roots for extra lift.

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  1. I'm always on the look out for a good hair spray this has potential, great post!

    Helen X


  2. I love that hair spray, it does brush out easily! :)


  3. I wish my hair did as it was told I have to use hairspray or oils.


  4. This spray sounds really good, but it won't beat Neal & Wolf for me.



    1. I've never tried Neal & Wolf. I might have to!

  5. Great little review, I have been looking for a new hairspray to use, especially with the weather changing - good to find a waterproof one, thanks for sharing

    Laura x

  6. I always have little flyaway hairs that make my styles look messy! Will have to give this a go, thanks for the tip!