Thursday 12 December 2013

Dr Organic - Snail Gel review

Unless you've been sitting under your snail shell, or a student with no TV I'm sure you'd of seen the recent Dr Organic's Snail Gel advert from Holland & Barrett. 
I was very fortunate and got mine for FREE in my AX Paris blogger goodie bag. I wasn't planning on reviewing this for a little while as I've only been using it for three weeks but as the advert is out I thought it would be the best time. 
Unfortunately I have misplaced the box, I had the box to one side as I knew I'd need it for my review but after having a massive bedroom clear out with my mum helping it seems to have gone walk abouts!
"Eww, that's so gross, is it really snail!?" was the first thing my friend & I said when looking at it and judging from Twitter that is what many bloggers thought too! 

  What is Dr Organic Snail Gel? Does it really have snail in!?
Dr Organic Snail Gel is what it says on the tin. Snail gel! "Dr. Organic Snail Gel is a moisturising, soothing, anti-aging gel which harnesses the remarkable cosmetic benefits of Helix Aspersia Muller, a unique substance the snail produces to quickly regenerate its own shell and skin when damaged. Dr Organic Snail Gel is produced from snails that are farmed under humane and certified organic conditions. The snails are able to roam freely and the mucus secretion is collected from glass panes that they travel over. The secretion is collected, filtered and then concentrated by vacuum evaporation to reduce its water content before a mild preservative is added to maintain its shelf life." (H&B)


So I'm sure you're still wondering 'why would anyone put this slime on their face!?' The things us women do for beauty aye? I'm about to tell you why.... It is amazing! I love the stuff, from the smell to the consistency! It leaves my face feeling fresh as a daisy and very clean. I've already noticed my skin is less dry around my nose area which is normally really bad during the winter. It smells divine! I am currently using it after my routine of cleanse, deep cleanse, toner, snail gel, primer and so on. It does say to add your normally moisturiser after use but at the moment I am not finding the need to. I am only young so I'm not sure about the anti-aging, only time will tell. Maybe in 10 years when I am 30+ with children I can get back to you on this one. But a funny story, I was in my local off license and got asked my age. I told him I was over 20 years old and giggled, he didn't believe me and thought I was 16! Maybe it does work!

And of course THE BEST PART IS... No snails are killed or harmed in any way, shape or form. As stated above the snails are farmed under humane and certified organic conditions. "The snails roam freely and their trail is collected from the glass panes that the can go over. We would never want to harm any animals." (Dr.Organic FB page)


Product: 4.5 out of 5
Packaging: 5 out of 5 
Quality: 5 out of 5
Overall: 5 out of 5
Would I buy it again? 100%
Price: £19.99 (50ml)

Would you try it or have you tried it? Let me know! I'd love to see your posts!  
Wrote 11.12.13

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  2. I love organic products ! This looks a great one so maybe going to get one

  3. I love organic products. This looks something new so probably will try one !

  4. I haven't seen the advert, but I am really not sure if I would try this. The thought of putting snail gel on my face is quite unsettling, (sorry chick). Even though you are so excited by it, which I love, I just don't think I could get past the fact it is snail gel.

    Brilliant review though and so glad you found something you like so much!

  5. I saw the ad for this a couple of nights ago! I've seen other snail gels available but just thought it was the name - I didn't know they used real snails slime to make it "/ lol

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  6. i really like the idea of trying this although using real snail gel on my face is strange n that might put me off