Sunday 5 January 2014


I've never really been one for 'new years resolutions' as I never stick to them or fail after January but when I saw Pixee was doing a '14 things for 2014' I though I should join in.
I wanted to keep it strictly blog related but truth be told there are a few resolutions I have for this year.
1. Do an assignment as soon as I get it. I am useless at doing assignments when I first get them, I always leave it to the last minute and stress out. I often sit at the laptop till 4am writing when the deadline is 11:59pm the next day because I leave it to the last minute.
 2. Get a 1st at university. Pretty much the same as the first resolution. Because I rush everything my grades have not been the best. I got a 1st and two 2:1s which isn’t amazing as I know I could get a 1st in everything I do if I honestly put my mind to it. The highest mark I’ve got is 70% which is a 1st and I KNOW I can get 90% or more.

3. Make sure I go Amsterdam this year. I’ve been saying it for a while now and we never get round to going or funds run low but I really want to go Kings Day and so do the girls. Before I get judged for wanting to travel here just know I don't smoke! It is for university purposes. Honest. haha But not only Amsterdam I want to travel more. I am a tourism student and it would be silly not to travel more. I normally go on two holidays a year but I want to travel rather than a 'holiday'. Magaluf is booked as my girls holiday now I want to travel Europe. I have Norway, Sweden, Czech Republic and of course Amsterdam in mind.

4. Get 1000 blog followers across GFC & Bloglovin’. I’ve been blogging for over three years now but only the last year has it got 'important' in my life so I’d like more readers. I currently have 401 followers but not all of them are 'active followers'. I hope I get more active followers over time.

5. Write more often. I hardly ever have things to write about and when I do I often get writers block or distracted. Sometimes blogging feels like an assignment to me. I get bored and do anything BUT write the post and I want to keep enjoying what I am doing. I wish I had more things to write about and I need to get the confidence to do fashion posts like OOTD. I have so many outfits I’d love to show off but hate my body. There are so many amazing plus size bloggers and I wish I had their confidence to show it off.

6. Work in partnership with a big brand. You know you’ve made it in the blogging world when you work alongside an amazing company. I have a few I’d die to work with, not for the free things just because I love their brands so much and it would be an honour to work with them. All the brands I'd like to work along side are fashion brands with a plus size range. I guess I'd have to complete resolution 5 before this one can become true. 
7. Get a new job! Last year there was a point where I had three jobs. Two working at festivals and one working at Wembley. I still have these jobs but they are ‘seasonal’ I need a normal part time job. I’d love to work at the airport or in a travel agent but it is so hard getting in there. I need to make it in the industry now so I have three years so I don’t start at the bottom once I leave university. I know my CV is good and I know I could be an amazing worker but my standards are so high and there are many companies I want to work for. 

8. Buy less. I spend far too much money on junk or items I am not likely to use and I'll be honest you can call me a hoarder at times. I need to learn to spend less and truly understand the value of money. I have so much ‘junk’ in my room I never use.


9. Move out. I wanted to move out this year for university but it just wasn’t practical. Now I’ve made loads of lovely friend and university maybe we can get a flat together near the university. It is just so expensive living in London. Rent was £800 a month for a 1 bedroom flat but I’ve found a few 3 bedroom houses for £1200 which once we split makes it a lot cheaper than getting a house to myself plus I'd then be sharing other bills like electric, sky, broadband and so on. Hope this works out because I really want my own place. I want to be able to have parties and have my music loud and do the washing up the next day.

10. Forgive & Forget. I’ve always been the type of person to forgive but never forget. I will always remember that time ‘you’ hurt me or let me down. I’d love to just forget the stress and move on with my life. I know it comes with age but I am in my early 20s and by now I should be having less stress in my life.

11. Give to charity. I’ve always wanted to give more to charity but I always feel I really don’t have all that money to be giving to charity. I can’t say I’d have money to spare each month to sponsor a child and so on. I’d love to though. I was thinking maybe I can just pay a lump sum and pay the year off. I’d love to give to breast cancer charities or GOSH. Both are close to my heart.
12. Learn Spanish. I have been trying for so long but it just doesn’t work well with me. I’ve got discs, books, q-cards but it just don’t work. I think I need a Spanish person to teach me and I’ll teach them English. My dad & step-mum got a new new book to learn Spanish and she said she thinks it is for children. I believe this will help me more than books for adults. Things for Children are often easier and more fun with more interactive things. 

13. Lose weight. I know it is a little cliché but I'd like to drop a few dress sizes. If you're a reader that has been with me over the past few years you will know my cycle. I crash diet a few months before my girls holiday then pile it all back on after July, gain more weight over the Christmas period and then sulk through to May when I crash diet again for the July summer period. I want to change this cycle. I was thinking of the 5:2 diet but don't feel something like that will work for me. I lost the most weight doing slim fast shakes and using my Wii more. Both of which I don't really want to do again. Maybe I can start using my university's gym. According to NHS BMI calculator my healthy weight range for my height is 51kg - 69.2kg (8 - 11 stone). 8 stone isn't healthy in my eyes for my body frame so I am aiming to get to 11 stone by 2015.

14. Wear heels more. I am so no girly when it comes to clothes. My friend always tells me 'fashion beats the weather' and I am like no 'being warm and comfy beats fashion'. I adore heels but can't walk in them to save my life. I am likely to wear converses on my wedding day at this point. They hurt my feet and I can't walk fast in them. When I wear heels I get jealous of everyone in flats that can walk freely.

Have you got any resolutions? Let me know.
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  1. Good luck what some fab goals :) Just checking I follow you via both GFC and Bloglovin to start you off (I'm sure I do but sometimes I just use one or the other) x

  2. Good luck with everything. I really want to get a 1st too!


  3. I'm joining in the 14 things for 2014 challenge too - good luck with your list x

  4. great list - good luck with your dreams - new year new beginnings

  5. Good luck with you list - new year new beginnings

  6. Good luck with your your resolutions. Happy new year all the best for 2014