Saturday 4 January 2014

Christmas Beauty Haul

I wanted to share all my beauty items that I got for Christmas with you guys so you know some of the reviews to come throughout the next year. I thought calling it 'Christmas Beauty Haul' was better than 'Guess what I got for Christmas!' 
This isn't everything I got as I was a lucky girl this year and got new clothes, a learn Spanish book with q-cards, pjs, money and more but none of them items are really related to my blog and as I got loads of beauty items I though let me show them off. 

 Beauty items are the easiest thing to buy me. I love everything beauty related. My mum, closest friends and family members all got me beauty items. 

I have been so busy I've not really had time to blog so I have been scheduling posts. On the 23rd and Christmas Eve I was with three of my close friends for a little party and gift exchange I was lucky enough to get all beauty items! As you may know, I have said it before, one of my friends work for Benefit and I was so lucky to get Benefit's brow zings in the darkest shade I also got the River Island make-up bag and the Boot's Extracts Super Cranberry Collection with Body Wash, Body Butter and Sugar Scrub and although she couldn't make it you know I got the MAC Red Russian lipstick from my partner in crime. 

On Christmas Day I was with my mum. Mum knows me so well and only buys me items I need rather than items I'd never get round to using. She gave me £50 towards Chelsea style boots as New Look sold out of the boots I wanted before she could get me them and got my new clothes along with a TOWIE book, hand sanitizer (many people will think this is weird but I have a thing for germs and can't stop using hand sprays), Apple Bottoms Perfume by Nelly for Women and much more. I also opened a Hollywood Mirror by Revlon from a close family friend, and 12 nail varnishes in neon and metallic shades from a different family friend. I felt so spoiled. I had an amazing Christmas other than being abused by a flying object into my eye from a Christmas cracker! 

On the 28th I went out for my friend's 20th birthday and had an amazing night. If you remember I did a post asking for advice on what to wear. I ended up wearing my burgundy dress and converses with a gold statement chain. I started the night off with high hopes and had my hair down but that didn't last long before it was up in a bun with a quiff. New Years Eve was a little quieter than her birthday as I didn't drink so much and I ended up wearing my YC skater dress that I picked up in Lakeside. 

Yesterday I went to dad's house, where I had my '2nd Christmas' and again I was spoiled rotten. I got a Soap and Glory manicure set, Benefit brows a-go-go, Benefit ticket to glossytown, Benefit they're real, Lacoste Girls Night in Pack, Salonnière by Jenny Packham Perfectly Polished Toes and Sanctuary Spa Covent Garden Deep Cleanse Facial in a Box. 

I think it is fair to say I was truly spoiled this year and I am so grateful of everything I got and can't wait to use it all. My Brow Zings has already been abused and looks like I've had it years, my perfume is already 1/4 gone and one of the two bottles of hand spray is almost gone. 

Did you get anything nice for Christmas? 
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  1. Oh wow - you have some great friends and relatives. Great beauty gifts - the mirror is so stylish, and I adore S&G (though doesn't everybody lol)
    Love Vicky

  2. What a wonderful collection, I am sure you are going to have lots of fun testing them all.

  3. I love benefit I use them a lot .x

  4. That's an awesome collection, Charlene. Looking forward to lots of reviews in the coming months. Have fun and wishing you all the best for 2014.

  5. I got lots of beauty products like yourself I was definetly spoilt this Christmas

    Carrieanne x

  6. Wow what a collection of goodies to enjoy and try out .

  7. What an amazing haul! I got LOADS of nail polishes for Christmas and some perfume. I'm going to put a lot more beauty/pamper products on my list this year. Thanks for sharing :)