Saturday 11 January 2014

Neon & Metal Nails Review

I got these nail varnish sets from a family friend for Christmas and I was super excited to try them out because I love neon varnishes so much and I've wanted to try metallic varnishes for a while now. In each set you get 6 x 15ml bottles. Before I put them on my nails I wanted to try them out on my nail wheel (like I always do) so I could find out how many coats I'd need, I was so glad I did.

Before I write about these varnishes I have to say the pictures do them justice. I tried my hardest to show the true likeness of these varnish but I couldn't, they always looked better in the picture than 'real life'.

I started with the metal nails and I had never tried metallic nail varnishes before so I wasn't sure what to expect with consistency and opaqueness. 
My first issue was 'bottle' shape. It was so awkward to hold as it is a weird shape, from then I wasn't in a good mood with the varnish. I started with the green shade and the brush annoyed me. It was really thick, wide (which can be a bonus) and something just felt off about it. It is hard to explain but I am sure many of you have had a varnish where something just doesn't sit correctly when you try to use it.

I hoped that my issues where due to the varnishes being metallic and the fact I had never used metallic varnish before but I love my neon varnishes and when I was younger I used them regularly. I had the same issues with holding the varnishes but these felt better when using. As I stated above the images look better than how the varnishes came out. These needed FOUR coats to become truly opaque which was annoying but the finished look was beautiful and made it worth the wait. 
Overall I'm not sure with these varnishes, I think maybe with a better brush these could be amazing. I guess I'll have to buy some from Ebay and get back to you on whether it changes anything. 

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  1. i got the glitters of these and hated them, there was no coverage to show much at all but wish i got the neons for me instead i got them for my niece x

  2. These all look absolutely gorgeous. I wish I had more space so I could buy more nail polish. I just don't have enough in my collection ;)

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  3. I think the neons look great Leesh! I do agree with you that maybe a better brush might help. x

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  4. Love the neon colours, especially the blue one!
    Want one too

  5. I love the glitter ones especially the champagne colour.

  6. I really like the darker metallic shades, the neon shades would be great for summer
    Linda x