Monday 10 March 2014

Primark Haul

I've only gone and done it again! opps. 
I guess I've been a little good and it isn't too bad because it wasn't a massive haul, I only spent £21. I could have spent so much more if I didn't go to myself 'listen, you need to stop spending'. I am so in love with their SS14 collection. Well done Primark! I could have honestly bought so much stuff. 
As soon as I walked in Primark my heart skipped a beat. I spotted the world's cutest Alice in Wonderland socks. They are a lot nicer in real life. I also picked up a few beauty items. I needed new cosmetic pads (£1), two new hair brushes (£1 & £1.50) and hairbands (£1). I picked up three sets of socks. Two for me one for my friend. The cosy socks were £1 each set down from £2. I know they are a little out of season but I still get cold at night and these are perfect. I also picked up the black socks with colour toes and heels as I’m always running out of black socks. I picked up some tights for £2 too because I’m always getting holes in mine. I’d never normally buy Primark ones but I had to borrow a friends a few weeks ago and loved them. I am now sold on Primark tights. I couldn’t leave Primark without a white cami top, I am always using them under tank tops during the summer and they are only £2. I also picked up a world adaptor but stupidly picked up a USA, NZ, Thailand one when I wanted a new Europe one. I guess I’m likely to use it if I ever go back to America it was only £1.50. My favourite buy was a rose headband which was £3. It is a cheaper version of a Crown & Glory. Although it isn’t as nice it does the job. 
Have you gone to Primark recently?
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  1. I love those socks! Too cute!
    My nearest Primark is about 30 miles away so only end up going when we go to hospital appointments.....We're going in a couple of weeks! I can't

    1. 30 miles!? WOW! I have so many near me all a bus ride away. I'm so lucky.