Sunday 27 July 2014

Update on my leg

On my last post about my holiday I only touched on the fact I got glass in my leg, I didn’t explain how…
The hotel in Magaluf that I stayed in is a club 18-30s hotel, meaning everyone is young, drunk pretty much all the time and there to have fun. As you can see from the picture about there are stairs leading to the hotel and people’s rooms/balconies look onto these stairs, daily you’d see or unfortunately feel condom bombs, balloons and more coming over the balconies and hitting you as you walk up/down the stairs to the hotel. I had just been to the local shop after a beautiful day at the beach and I had bought a bottle of Rosé wine. I was carrying the wine whist looking up to make sure I could dodge anything coming my way but I missed the step and tripped, smashing the rosé bottle and a big bit of glass ended up in my leg. I started to panic and didn’t know if I should take the glass out or not, there was lots of blood and my friend just pulled it out my leg and took me up to the hotel room on the 8th floor with blood following me behind.
Day one - I got it to stop bleeding enough to take a picture
I had to put a plaster over a cut and a bandage around the main cut to try and stop the bleeding, it was bleeding for about 12 hours, if not longer before slowing down enough for me to take a bandage off and have a plaster on it, but in them 12 hours I got a really bad tan line :( 
The main cut looks small but the glass was rather long, I wasn't even sure if we got the whole thing out, but after an x-ray it confirmed there was no glass in my leg.
Covered up
My leg is healing really well now and I wanted to show everyone the progress. I got the glass in my leg on the 13th July 2014 and two weeks later (27th July) it is really looking better. I am hoping that by Christmas it is healed completely so I can get my tattoo touched up a little.
Today - Sunday 27th July

Looks a little weird

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