Thursday 1 January 2015

2015 - Bring on the new year

Happy New Year!

I am fully welcoming 2015 with open arms, 2014 has to have been the best year of my life and hopefully 2015 will get better. I got a new job, saw Annie Mac live, worked at V Festival for the 2nd year running, turned 21, traveled around Europe with friends and family as well as passing my first year at university. 

My highlights
I'd have to say the biggest highlights was traveling. I was lucky enough to go to Cardiff and Birmingham twice with my friend, I had previously been with my family but it was nice to explore with friends and make lasting memories. I was also lucky enough to travel to Greece (Kos), Turkey (Bodrum), Spain (Magaluf), Tunisia (Port El Kantaoui), Morocco (Agadir) and The Netherlands (Amsterdam).  

Other than traveling the other biggest highlight for me was finally turning 21. It means I am legal across the world. I've been to America 3 times but now I can fully enjoy it with a few cheeky cocktails. I've been wanting to travel back to America, redo Florida and Miami and I'd love to start a road trip in Los Angeles, on to Las Vegas, then do Route 66 & end the road trip in New York. I've been looking it up, it will cost a bit but it is totally worth it. 
Now I am 21 I can also adopt a child, hold an airline pilot license, get a license to drive a heavy goods vehicle and supervise a learner driver

New Year's resolutions
I normally try to not have New Year's resolutions as I find it hard to stick to targets but as last year was an amazing year for me and I made so many of my goals come true I want to keep it going. This year I have 5 goals they are:
1. Get fit, lose weight
2. Travel across Europe more
3. Finish university with at least a 2:1
4. Earn more money, or get a promotion
5. Blog more and improve my skills

Happy New Year, how you have an amazing year.
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  1. Happy new year for you!!!
    Nice post!

  2. Oh Wow! You travelled so much last year! I'm very jealous.

    The Crown Wings

  3. WOW, you have had a very busy year hun! I have been to Greec and Turkey off your list and they are beautiful countries!


  4. good luck in the year ahead sounds very full and busy for you ,

  5. Very jealous of your travels ! I'm dying for a holiday !

    Rachael , from -

  6. Very jealous that you have been to America! Good luck for all your goals in 2015!

    Laura x x x