Saturday 31 January 2015

Models Own Dinky Pinky review

Dinky Pinky NP194
The other day while shopping for a friend's birthday I popped into the Models Own kiosk, they had an amazing deal of 5 items for £15. I normally pay £5 each varnish so 5 for £15 had me sold, I was actually lucky enough to get 6 items for £15 along with a free eyebrow pen. I gave my friend 5 items and the eyebrow pen and kept the 6th for myself! Cheeky I know but I do love Models Own.
I couldn't wait to try out this varnish, I've always got such high hopes when it comes to Models Own and I was not disappointed until I got to work the next day!

 My nails wouldn't stop chipping! I'm not sure if I didn't use a good enough top coat or it is just one of those varnishes that chip super easily. I find little pink bits of varnish all around the house and even in my hair! I've found myself repainting my nails daily and although the varnish starts to dry pretty quickly it is only artificially dry, it takes a while before your nails become fully dry which can be annoying for me as I can never sit still long enough. I find you have to wait about 30 minutes before you can use your hands again and not get imperfections on your nails.

This varnish is perfect with just two coats, and a top coat makes it pop, it looks much better on nails rather than this nail wheel. I always find pink a hard share to photograph, as it never looks as good.

- Great consistency
- Great colour and pigment
- Only needs two coats
- Not too thick
- Good coverage

Although I find this varnish chips easily, for me it is totally worth it because I love the shade so much. 

Do you like Models Own?
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  1. The shade is definitely one that will get you noticed but BOOOO to it chipping easily - perfect for nights out I guess

  2. what a gorgeous shade of pink , I actually would get this myself x