Tuesday 12 May 2015

Primark Haul: 10.05.15

Two days ago I popped to Stratford, I planned on only going to Forever 21 for some leggings but I ended up in Primark. I then said to myself 'only buy necklaces, you really need them' but that didn't plan out well. I did get some necklaces but I also got some rings, a top, a pajama top, self-tanner, socks, tweezers, hair clips and quick dry nail spray! I could have bought so much more but I had to stop myself before I ended up buying the store. 

I love a good Primark Haul, and I'm pretty happy with everything I got. I'm in love with my necklaces and rings. Primark really are outdoing themselves this year. I'm also loving their clothes a lot more and they're getting much better with their sizes, being plus size often means Primark often comes up tight and I have to go up a size or two but they're finally becoming more true to size. The first 'top' is a nighty so I went up a few sizes bigger as I like things baggy in bed but I'm likely to wear this as a duvet day outfit as it is so long.
night dress

Have you had a Primark Haul recently?

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