Tuesday 5 May 2015

Spring/Summer Shoe Wish List

At the moment I've got such a shoe addiction, it's terrible. I am constantly buying shoes or at least looking at them. This Spring/Summer there are so many amazing new styles and trends, I've fallen for so many of them too!

My favourite shoes of SS/15 are below
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 
I think it is pretty clear I have a specific style that I like, I've already got so many variations of these shoes and I know I'll only end up buying more before my holiday. I'm already worried about my 20kg suitcase, I may have to have a hand luggage full of shoes. 

What shoe trends have you fallen for this year?


  1. I was just going to say they're all a similar style lol. I like them though. The only pair of shoes I have my eye on at the mo are a pair of wedges from Quiz that have lace all over the cork. They're gorgeous and I really want them!!

    Louise x

    With love from Lou

  2. I see shoes on high platform everywhere now, maybe I should get one pair myself as well!


    Dominika from http://mycupofbeauty.com

  3. I love your wishlist,great post.Mint sandals are my favourite :)

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

  4. Omg shoes, Im always buying them! some great choices I love number 4. k x