Tuesday 9 June 2015

10 Things You Don't Know About Me

10 things you don't know about me
One: I have an addictive personality, but I try and hide it. For as long as I can remember I've known I become very addicted to things. From social media to people. If I really like something (someone) I find I become very addicted and miss it(them) when it(they) are not around. This sometimes happens with people I've only met once. I hate when I become addicted to a song, I listen to it on repeat until I know all the lyrics and I get so sick of it that I can't hear it again without a hatred for the song. But because of my addictive personality I know to never try anything like drugs, although I have that type of personality not to anyway but I know if I did I'd be one of them people to get addicted. Sometimes I feel like I need rehab from Facebook! 

Two: I over-think everything and I second guess everything I do in life, from what I'm going to eat to even when I'm driving. When I have to make a decision I always take that decision down two/three routes, a good outcome and a bad outcome then a realistic outcome. 

Three: Although not diagnosed I believe I have OCD. I know many people claim to have it but I honestly feel I have. I've always had issues with germs but for about two/three years now I plan my day out to a T in my head and I go over it over and over again until each task is completed. So as I'm writing this post I know I have work tomorrow. So I'll tell myself about 10 times what time I need to wake up and set my alarm, how long it will take me to get ready and what time I'll give myself to get ready (normally an hour) then how long it will take me to do the finishing touches to finally leave the house and what time that will be then I'll work out how long it will take me to walk to the bus stop (even though it takes me the same time each time I go) then I'll work out what time the bus should be there, what bus I'll get what time I'll get off the bus and how long it will take me to walk to my store and what I'll do once I walk in there. This also links in with my second guessing and over-thinking. When things don't go to plan it stresses me out and the rest of the day will be bad for me. If TFL is late (almost always) I get so much anxiety it hurts. When I was younger I'd phone my mum every morning on my way to school to vent and almost cry about how the bus is late and how I am going to be late and how stressed it is making me. 

Four: I care a lot about what others think of me. Although I've gained so much confidence the past 18 months I can't lie and say I don't care what people think. I honestly do and if someone doesn't like me or says something harsh it hurts me more than they'll ever know. 

Five: When I was in primary school I was part of the debate team. I love a good argument and I'm pretty artistic with the words that come out of my mouth. If I'm truly passionate about something, you better believe that you're not going to win against me in an argument, even if I'm 'wrong'. 

Six: I don't read for pleasure but I loved books when I was younger. I've read every Harry Potter, Jacqueline Wilson and other popular 90s children books yet now I'm at the age of truly being able to appreciate a good book I'm just not interested. I'd love to get back into reading but all I ever read is tourism-related textbooks for university and gossip magazines and even then I often skip over things that are too wordy. 

Seven: I don't enjoy writing. I hate assignments at university, if I didn't have to do them and could get away with doing verbal assignments I would. Yet I find myself writing for my blog. Some days my blog can feel more of a chore than a place of enjoyment but then I take a seat back and come back when I feel ready to write again. Writing has never been a strong point for me, I never got the best grades at school but still I'm here today writing this. 

Eight: My first ever job I walked out of and never spoke to anyone again or returned a phone call. My first job was in a beauty salon, it was awful. I knew I'd be treated like a skivvy because I was new and unqualified but they really did treat me badly. I 16 at the time and they even left me alone in the salon to lock up, I hated it and one day I walked out and never came back. I'd never do that now though, I'd make sure I spoke to my manager and at least attempt to try and fix the situation but at the time walking out was the best thing for me to do. 

Nine: I believe in horoscopes. I'm not someone who reads them daily, sometimes I don't even read them weekly but I do believe they can say a lot about a person. I'm an air sign (Libra) which means "Libra is associated with balance and harmony, but your Libra planets won't necessarily arrive that way. It's Libra's job to restore balance, create harmony, and cooperate with all—not just the easy jobs" -- this is me in a nutshell. It might explain my second guessing and wanting harmony and balance with everything. It could also explain why I feel at one with the world and while I love to travel and be on a plane, I also really want to sky-dive. Let's see what the horoscopes have in store for me. 

Ten: I believe in ghosts. Well, I'm still not 100% sure if I believe or not but I'd never chance anything. I've had a few nightmares and once I've had sleep paralysis, it was horrible and although it is totally justified on the NHS website. I'm not sure if I was half-asleep still but it honestly felt like someone/thing was holding me down. I slept with my TV light on for a week after that and it happened again during that week which scared me more than the first time. 

I hope you enjoyed learning more about me. Some of these facts even my friends and family don't know about me.  

Is there anything no one knows about you that you'd like to share?


  1. sleep paralysis sounds really horrid! Over thinking things can bee good, at least your decisions will be well thought out and weighed up.

  2. What a great post - it is always good to find out a little bit more about a blogger. I am the same with caring what people think - I know I shouldn't be I do..

  3. I love these posts as you can get to know the blogger so much better! :) X

  4. Love this - you are a very interesting person and it comes across in this post. I over think everything too, and believe in ghosts!

  5. I love this post as an idea. Really interesting. I know what you mean about allocating yourself time though and being anxious when something doesn't go as planned. I am completely the same in that respect!

  6. I have OCD to! Well I have now learned your yours though UK Bloggers hahah :) but we alike in many things! I do freak out as well when things are not goiing accoridng to My plan! :) Good that you walk out the salon, i they treat you badly then I wouldnt look back. Respect yourself girl!
    All best, Anna, Don't Cramp My Style