Monday 8 June 2015

Blogger Problems: You know you're a blogger when

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Blogging is so much fun, I love every second of expressing my self in different ways and if a review helps even one person I've done my job well. Many think being a blogger is filled with free items and not a lot of work, but it is hard work to stay ahead of trends and juggle family life, job(s), friends and a blog. Blogging is filled with the good, bad and the ugly, but along with all of this blogging can put you in some weird and wonderful situations, sometimes funny, sometimes cringey and almost always weird to people who don't blog and understand the 'drama'.
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The other day I was doing an OOTD post and it was a beautiful sunny day so I took my shooting outside and I started to pose when I realised I had three people who cut the lawn watching me as well as the postie giving me funny looks as he walked past. I carried on but I tried to take as many pictures as I could as quickly as I could before I bumped into someone I actually know!  

I often take 100s of pictures for an OOTD post to finally use three/four pictures and maybe one more for Instagram.

I also tend to focus on how I'm going to write about what is happening, and how best to photograph what is happening instead of… What is actually happening. I'm always in 'blogger mode' when I'm doing things related to my blog

What 'problems' other bloggers face 
You know you're a blogger when...

You have so many lists, notes, posits and scraps of paper with ideas on. A lot of them I write in the middle of the night and they make no sense the next day - Codie from CodieKinz

Every courier known to man knows you and stop you on the school run to hand over your parcels - Clare from Emmy's Mummy
All the couriers know you are home and leave everyone else's parcels with me
- Clare from Emmy's Mummy

You whip out your camera in public and you're contorting yourself into all sorts of shapes to try and get the best shot possible. I'm not a wannabe hipster, I promise! - Faz from Living Like a Parisienne

Someone you know from somewhere else discovers you have a blog and somehow makes it feel cringey with their comments/questions - Rhiannon from VegBurge

There is that moment of uncertainty between saving your child from a possible (minor) accident or taking a photo of it for a blog post  - Hannah from Budding Smiles
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You and your family sit down to eat a lovely meal and nobody picks up their cuttlery, instead they look at me and check that I've already photographed it. - Rachel from Vintage Folly

Husband moaning that his food is cold because I've taken so long trying to capture a decent photo of it and baby being sick when trying to take pictures of her for a blog post - Leanne from A Slice of My Life Wales

You get strange looks as you whip your DLSR out to take a few close up shots in a restaurant - Samantha from North East Family Fun

You're not able to eat that amazing French cheese that you have been sent for review because you haven't had a spare hour to set it up and photograph it. And you reaaally love cheese. And you're really hungry. You think 'could I possibly cut a bit off without it looking any different?'!- Louise from Birds and Lillies

I tell people I'm a health and fitness blogger and they look me up and down "Really"? It's so insensitive. I've been training for years, i'm just a curvy girl! - Amy-May from The Creative Fitness Channel 
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Random parcels turn up and you have no clue what they are because either: a) you've ordered so much or b) a brand surprises you by sending you a random gift! - Sarah from The Girl with the Winged Liner & Emma from The Cheshire Wife

Your computer is overrun with blog photos and never knowing how/where to keep them all on my laptop!  - Alice from Alice In A Looking Glass

When I can't use any new beauty products, because I haven't photographed them or when courier or postman comes and I'm wearing crazy dramatic makeup at 9am in the morning, because I was just doing makeup look for blog post. - Leelo from Beauty by Miss L

When you're renting student accommodation and the lighting is awful, as are the backgrounds so it's near impossible to get a decent photo! - India from Touch Screens and Beauty Queens

Trying to find the time to do shoots and ending up doing a gazillion outfits in one go and the sun forever disappearing in Wales. Plus that white wall is a must!! I think I always get a writing block too. - Shelley from Busby Beauty and Fashion

My son eats food samples that I haven't photographed yet and waiting ages to take photos in public places so people move out the way of the shot Dragons and Fairy Dust
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Do you have any blogger problems?


  1. I love this, all so true. I am constantly at the sorting office because my parcels always arrive when I'm not in!


  2. Hahaha I love this and so. so very true. I feel like a criminal taking photos of foods and the reason I don't do OOTD posts as I just can't pose thinking someone is watching me. LOL xx

  3. Great post, thanks for including me! I only take food photos on my phone when I'm out because I feel so silly with my DSLR! Also, the ones about not being able to open things until you've photographed them, so true!

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life Wales

  4. i love this post, I can totally agree with most of them especially whipping out my camera before meals in restaurants - My boyfriend hates it and I always get funny looks! xo

  5. Hahha brilliant post. My husband has learned not to touch his food until I've taken a picture aha!

    Kirsty xx

  6. I love this haha! My camera is so full of pictures of daft things and SOO many shots of the same thing it would look stupid to everyone else! Only a blogger understands :') xx

  7. hahaha thats Amazing!! :D I absolutely love it!

    Anna, Don't Cramp My Style

  8. haha good points! so true - when it comes to photographing food!

    xx Dominika from