Sunday 7 June 2015

Evan's #StyleHasNoSize campaign

I don't really feel this post needs many words other than STYLE HAS NO SIZE! And many companies need to realise this and branch out. Just because I'm a larger lady doesn't mean I don't love fashion. I want to look beautiful, fashionable and just as cute as my size 6 friend. Style shouldn't be put into a box of 'you need to be this size to wear this' and I do believe it works both ways! 

If you'd like to buy this top and celebrate your body confidence you can find it here for £16.

*Pictures are cropped because I was trying on bras and the fitting room was a complete mess with all my items everywhere*


  1. Such an amazing and worthwhile campaign. I completely agree just because I'm a bit bigger doesn't mean I want to look like a sack of potatoes!!

  2. This looks like a fantastic campaign! I agree that style has no size!

    Serena /