Thursday 4 June 2015

Plus Size Festival Inspired Outfit

I love working at festivals, it has been the highlight of my summer for two years (on June 7th). Festivals mean summer is officially here, the sun is often out and it is filled with music, good vibes and loads of fashion. Working at festivals means I'm in a (usually black) uniform and all I can do is watch loads of beautiful ladies in amazing outfits but this year is a little different, as well as working at festivals I am going to make sure I attend a few as well as a concert or two.

With most people wearing hot pants and a bra/crop top being plus-size can feel a little daunting at a festival. I'd love to have the body confidence to wear that but I just don't. So I come up with a festival inspired outfit which covers me, flatters me and I still fit in with the festival trends of 2015.

Necklace - Primark: £5
Vest - Yours Clothing: £12
Cardigan - Yours Clothing: £26
Bumbag - Yours Clothing: £12
Jeggings - Yours Clothing: £20
Trainers - Foot Asylum: £46.99

I am so in love with my bumbag, it is my favourite thing that I've bought recently, do you know how hard it is to buy a bumbag that fits a plus-size lady? Bloody hard! I don't get why the strap isn't longer on every bumbag. 
Are you going to any concerts/festivals this year?


  1. I really like the colours of your outfit! So bright and positive, my favorite must be the cardigan! Would you believe I've never been to a festival?

    Dash xx
    Mode Lily

    1. That's a shame, you should go. I love the atmosphere

  2. Unfortunately I am not going to any festivals this year, I want to wait a few years until my daughter can appreciate them too.

    I love your look, the cardigan is so nice, I've got a soft spot for fringing!

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite

  3. That outfit looks really good, ideal for any festival this summer! - Enjoy working them!

  4. I love going to festivals but I've never worked at one. Do you get to watch a lot of the bands? I'm going to a little festival near Inverness this year and I can't wait. I love your festival look, it's so bright and pretty!

    Lindsay, Scottish Outlander

    1. It depends on what bar I'm working at but I've been lucky enough to see loads of bands/artists when I've worked. I always seem to get main stage or a view of two stages.

  5. You look great and definitely ready for a festival chick!

    Helen - #ukbloggers

  6. Looking fab! I love the cardigan, it's perfect for unpredictable festival weather!