Wednesday 22 July 2015

Wanderlust: Travel Tag

I love to travel, I'm sure it is pretty clear from my newest Wanderlust tattoo and my many posts about travelling so when I saw that there was a travel tag I just had to join in!
I got tagged in the travel tag by the lovely Katie from Katie Jan Online
There are 11 questions and then you tag other bloggers to answer to 11 questions you ask... 

1. What is the one thing you can not travel without? 
I can't travel without my DSLR, I recently went to Cyprus without it as it was a clubbing holiday and it could have got stolen and it honestly felt like someone had stolen my right arm (I'm right handed) there were so many times I needed it for that perfect crystal clear picture.   
Tunisia 2014
2. What is your favourite city in the UK? 
I've travelled the world but not been to many cities in the UK. I live in London so I'd have to biased and say London, there is always something to do in London. You can read my three reasons I love London post here.  

3. Where was the first country you travelled to? 
My first country was The Virgin Islands. Not many people can say they travelled so long haul on their first ever holiday. I'm lucky to have family live there and we stayed with them for three weeks when I was little. I can't remember a great deal but I have little flash backs and the island is beyond beautiful. We went a few years after a disaster and they were still rebuilding the island but what I remember it was still beautiful. 
Amsterdam 2014

4. Who is your favourite travel partner? 
I've travelled with so many different friends but my mum will always be my travel partner. I doubt I'll travel with her this year but I love that sense of protection with my mum and love the fact we experience things together, the woman who gave me this life is there by my side seeing how happy the world is making me.  
Morocco 2014

5. Beach or pool? 
Pool 100%, I can't stand sand! The girls and I went to Nissi Beach and we all turned around and said to each other 'never again' I can't stand the sand when I get wet and when it's super hot the sand burns your feet. I'd rather be at the pool with my music and a fancy cocktail. 
6. Do you prefer a relaxing holiday or an lots of activities? 
I like a mixture of both, I couldn't be on holiday and do nothing but sit at the pool all day, I like to have a balance of exploring and relaxing. I work hard for all the holidays I have and I need the relax but I want to see what the country has to offer. 

7. Where is your favourite country you have ever been? 
This is hard, but I'd have to say America.  I think it's because I feel like in my whole life time I could never conquer all of it. I love the fact they speak English, everyone is so friendly and welcoming and just feels like a happier England. 
Berlin 2015
8. What is your preferred way of travelling? 
I like to travel by air, I went to Amsterdam, France and Belgium by coach and it just takes far too long and I get bored. I'd rather a quick flight somewhere. 
9. What is the first thing you pack? 
I'm not really sure, my clothes I guess but with my hand luggage it will always be my camera, chargers and change of clothes for the flight/when I land. 
Magaluf 2014

10. What is your dream holiday destination? 
Bora Bora - I know it's a little cliche but I'd love to go, I want to wake up every morning and see the fishes under my feet and go diving and have two weeks of pure relaxation and pampering. I think this would be my honeymoon destination and it would clearly cost more than the wedding!  
11. What is your favourite holiday memory? 

I have so many memories and they're all so different from family holidays to girls party holidays. I think my favourite memories are the friends I make while I'm abroad on my girls holidays, some of which I still talk to on Facebook now. The funny drunken pictures and the questions of 'what happened last night?' in the morning.  

Kos 2014
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  1. Hey cool idea! I've travelled all over the world but I would love to go to Bora Bora too. I'm with you on the pool though - beach all the way for me. :)

  2. Really fantastic questions (and yep, pool all the way for me too!)

  3. Love this post! I really want to travel around the world. xx

  4. I haven't been on holiday in absolute ages :) brilliant tag! my favourite city is London too

  5. Love tags like these, it's a great way to get to know bloggers a bit better x

  6. Amsterdam was the second country I visited. I love it there. The canals, the buildings, the cheese! Yum!

  7. Lovely post, you have traveled to some really fabulous places. Have to agree on London too.


  8. This is such a lovely tag! I've got to say the same thing about London, there really is so much to do and so much going on all the time! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  9. I love your pictures! Lovely post and I love it! :)

  10. always love your travel posts, cant wait to experience london like you do!

  11. This is such a fun tag. Looks super interesting. My mum is my fav travel companion till date, but slowly my daughter is taking over with her super enthusiasm and requests to do crazy stuff when we travel.
    - heena,

  12. gahh wanderlust. the itch to travel has been getting to me, not to mention that travelling makes my instagram feed all the more interesting too..

  13. I reckon, I should finally plan out some new place to go and relax!! Traveling around the world is what I want.

    That's awesome that you've been traveling a lot, its an experience I need in my life!!

  14. I really loved reading your post. You are lucky to travel so much.

  15. nice tag!london is a lovely city!i miss it so much so lucky u r staying there!

  16. I love this tag.. You're so lucky to travel as much as you have.. I'm inspired and I know what you mean about missing opportunities to take nice pictures.. Enjoy the moment though xx

  17. Now this is a fun tag to write! Love the first one haha! My camera is also the item that I have to bring along =)

  18. That is such an interesting tag. Loved you candid answers dear. It was great getting to know you better :)

  19. omg yes to bora bora! i want to visit there one day and do those activities

  20. enjoyed reading this, got to know you a bit more :)
    I wish to travel the world but never really traveled that way! you are lucky!

    do drop by... GreenStory

  21. I am doing this tag soon on my blog. =)

  22. I soo wana visit Bora Bora Islands. It's sad though that somebody tried to steal your camera.

  23. i am so jealous you can go to amsterdam, that one country i really want to visit.
    nice review :D

  24. Thank you for sharing your travel memories! I love to travel (albeit, not as often as I like). I agree, America has been my most favourite travel destination so far, just for the amazing family memories (SNOW!). It's a strange thing, but Ive never been to England. It is on my list!

  25. I like this post!! :) I love traveling also, might try to answer these questions and tag others also :p

    xo, Sarah Chrisya