Wednesday 23 September 2015

Blogger Interview: The Curvaceous Vegan

As Plus size fashion blogging is becoming even more popular I wanted to get inside the head of a plus size blogger, the beautiful Aime from The Curvaceous Vegan said she'd help me out.
About Aime
Name: Amie Cadwallader 
Age: 22 
Location: London 
Likes: working out, fashion, lots of vegan food, baking, and spending time with my husband. 
Dislikes: Body shaming, parsnips, people who lie and having anxiety. 

How did you get into blogging and why?
I started blogging about 5 years ago because I was going through deep depression, anxiety and agoraphobia blogging was my emotional outlet. I made lots of friends, I had an incredible support system and I think that really helped (and still is) with my recovery.

How does plus size fashion blogging affect your everyday life?
Whenever I go out and I go shopping, I see how it could be styled, I think of ways to dress it up and down, what would look best and how to make the fashion accessible to everyone. It definitely has an impact on the bank balance though!

What do you think is the biggest misconception of plus size blogging?
I think sometimes people feel you have loads of confidence and it just comes naturally, I am a plus size blogger and I still have days where I don't like my body, sometimes it can just be where I am bloated but that doesn't love my body, I respect it and know it will pass. I'm so lucky to have met so many amazing bloggers who influence self love and make me feel so much better!
If you could change two things about the fashion industry what would they be and why?
The first one is to have models of all shapes and sizes on the catwalk together, so having designers have some plus size models on their catwalk, I think that would change the way we see people. The second would be making people see that health comes in various sizes, just because someone is plus size doesn't mean they're unhealthy, I workout 6 times a week and have healthy meals.

What are your favourite stores?

My favourite stores would have to be Evans, ASOS, Yours & Simply Be, the clothes are incredible.

Who are your favourite plus size bloggers/models?
Callie Thorpe, Georgina Grogan, Lottie L'Amour & Dana from whosthatgirl524 & Amy Sellu. 

Where do you hope your blog will take you in the future? Do you have any goals or milestones you want to achieve before the end of 2015?
I'd love to be able to make a career out of my blog because it is something I am passionate about and adore and I think that is what can make something incredible,  passion goes a long way. 

Any advice for other plus size bloggers or people looking to start blogging?
My advice for anyone would be get yourself out there, be yourself, connect with people on twitter, there are so many amazing people who are kind caring and genuine and we're all here to support each other. 

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