Thursday 24 September 2015

What I'm Reading: Charlotte Crosby's Me Me Me

I'll be back in the UK in just under 12 hours and I wanted to share what I've been reading. If you can remember back to my Thursday Thinspiration, you'd know how much of a Geordie Shore fan I am. I have Charlotte's fitness DVD and when I spotted her book in ASDA I couldn't help myself.

I've not really had time to get into a book but when it's something fun like a biography it really draws me in, I think I was excited to see how Charlotte is off TV, if she really as wild as she makes out on Geordie Shore? Is it all an act? Well my questions were answered in her book! She got me hooked in the first chapter.
Charlotte's book is 100% honest, swear words, dirtiness and sex are all out in the open with this book. She explains how life was before Geordie Shore, how she got on Geordie Shore and even how she lost her virginity. I love the fact she's so honest and says things how they are rather than sugarcoating them for her book.

Have you read Charlotte's book yet? What did you think?


  1. I have this book on my birthday list....I love Charlotte Crosby! She's a nutter but lovely with it x

    1. She really is! She's made me lol so many times! The person next to me on the flight kept looking at me haha

  2. I love reading and this sounds interesting. Checking this out now.

  3. Haven't read it but do like Charlotte, she is so down to earth.