Tuesday 21 December 2010

Amy's house

Amy's house :)

So I'm at Amy's house right now, went shopping around 12ish with mummy, i got really stressed out because it was so frigging busy out, rush to christmas and stuff, totally hated it made me know I hate people lol, I'm not even lying I'm so so so anti-social these days, I can't stand anyone sometimes i even hate myself!! I just wish I could run away from myself but if I did that there would be no more, right? I do wonder... :(

I'm at Amy's right now, been playing games, she is baby sitting right now, hes not a baby he is 10 and so weird lol hes fake crying right now because Amy's kicked him cos he was kicking her for no reason... I love Amy!! She is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.... :D My nutter, I can totally be myself around Amy and that is what I love... She knows I'm a complete and utter weird freak and she loves me anyway, we have stupid fights rare but we do and we can still talk again, like nothing happen.... She is just my bestfriend forget "friends" she is a massive big friend... The type of friend you just say "I'm coming to see you today..." you don't ask you say... :) My wee sister ;) Although she is older so me no know why me said wee I'm not Scottish.... : D lool

I'm going now Amy will rape my ass :(


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  1. Hello Mrs!!!!
    How can u say u hate yourself????? U are super AWSOME!!! - i'm not just saying that =D There is no reason for you to run away from yourself as we can live together and have fifty five kids =D haha I wish you didn't feel bad about yourself cos I really do LOVE you, and if u say u hate yourself u do realise ur insulting my BESTEST friend, and I just can't stand for that cos without her my life "wldnt be worth living" as u put it earlier =P
    As for the scottish part... I dnt no what ur talking about... dnt u realise ur scottish-albanian mixed with a slight hint of jew????!!!
    lool LOVE YOU =D