Monday 20 December 2010


A Colds Night Long...

Right, it is 8:18pm and I'm watching Eastenders with my mum, its freezing tonight isn't it? :( last night my laptop told me it was -6 but right now it is 1 degree. 

I went dentist today, not sure if I wrote that on my last blog... Well anyway after doctors I had to travel to West Dulwich (however you spell it) and went orthodontist, my dentist sent me there because I wanted braces, as I'm still in college and don't work I guess I get it off the NHS... Anyway long story short, I can't get it on the NHS because my teeth look fine, :( for once I'm pissed my teeth ain't all wonkey and weird!! lol I got told if I want braces I have to pay £2100 MINIMUM!!  

did you know I can buy my car, and pay for all my driving lessons for LESS ¬_¬
Totally not fair right? I know I was pissed!! I got chicken and chips for dinner today, I just wanted a change, I really wanted chicken and chips, and got it =P as normal I get what I want :D tehe...

Night for now... Don't think I'll update tomorrow as I'm spending time with my baby girl Amy <3 I loves her MILLIONS <3 

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