Monday 20 December 2010


Beauties, Hello and welcome :)

So it is like 11:36am IN THE MORNING!!!!! Yes in the morning and as u will find out with my blog I DO NO LIKE MORNINGS!! Mornings suck! I wake up around 12 on my days off from driving and college, a nice sexy sleep, I don't go to bed till 3am mind, I'm not lazy just a sleepy baby ;)

I had to get up at 9am this morning, had the doctors with mummy, I went to my doctors and had to see the nurse, show her how to use my asthma pump and explain how i use it so she knows I'm using it correctly and stuff, I had to get weighed today too and my height I think so she could get my BMI, I was like OMG i don't wanna be done I'm like 10000000 Stone, But I was kinda happy with it, not as bad as my mind told me :) I am though from Boxing Day going on a little diet, just to get myself in shape a bit, I can't take my belly anymore! lol I'm 100% fine with how I look now, I would have a nip and tuck but you know what... GOD made me this way, clearly we all have a body shape for a reason and I love love love my curves, its just the fatty bits I want rid of lol xD

I have my eye on this car, its a yellow mustard colour car, manual, comes with radio and stuff, its sexy, I know nothing about cars really I can't say the make because I really don't know :( But I do like this car, it is £1090 and I could totally afford that for my FIRST car... I think if I pass next year I'm buying that car, or a green one I saw... I HATE Green and Yellow but I've fallen for these two cars! They are small little "girl" cars and they are totally beautiful ; <3 Wish me luck I'm going for my test mid June I think.... :) 
Bye for now my beauts <3

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