Saturday 18 December 2010

Time For Bed I Think

Hello beauts.x.x.x

So its like 11.18pm and I'm watching Family Guy its that STUPID Family Guy.... The Star Wars one! I HATE HATE HATE Star Wars ¬_¬ I'm still watching it though lol hmmm ¬_¬ 

Anyways so I'm sitting here with a nice warm blankeyy over my legs because they are cold and I'm sipping my blackcurrant (lol) I'm Blackberrying people because I'm so damn bored ¬_¬ BBM has got so boring these days!! ADD ME if you like!
Scan this;

If that don't work comment on the blog and I'll send you my pin ;)

I don't know if any of you watch "  Got To Dance"   but I really can't wait for the new one to come on in Jan! I should be on it ;)

Back a few months ago, my BESTEST friend in the whole wide world Amy's God Mother took me and Amy to "   Got To Dance"   and we watched it live :) I got to see Davina, Ashley, Kimberley and Adam! Because Amy's God Mommy knows Adam personally we got to go see him and shake hands! Totally cool because everyone got jealous =P tehe 

You may us in the back-shots when they show people on the show =P look out for me ;)

I'm going now... I'm going to move into my bedroom from the living room and watch American Dad :) I may take some more pictures of my Winter Wonderland <3

Night Y'all


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