Saturday 25 December 2010

Christmas Night

The night is ending soon, will no longer be Christmas, Boxing day tomorrow here in England. I'm not sure if all my readers celebrate Christmas/Boxing Day... Because I noticed I have readers in countries I can't even spell! lol I'm a rubbish speller anyway xD

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with Amy, I got £100 for Christmas this year, adding it into my bank so I can have like £230 and go shopping :) (I got money already in my bank) and hopefully I will find some sexy things for myself and I'm looking in the sale to buy some stuff for my little brother, I did feel I got him enough for Christmas but looking back on it now I feel I haven't so I am looking to buy him new things to add to the gift list :)

Overall today was a boring day, it had highs and lows as all my days do... I got a excited opening my prezzies, got bored once I had them lol got excited for Shrek watched Shrek and got bored... Excited for dinner, didn't like dinner... Got bored watching eastenders and I sat waxing my legs, hurt too much so I gave up and then sat here online on facebook talking to punk ass people I DON'T EVEN LIKE ¬_¬


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