Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Night

The night is ending soon, will no longer be Christmas, Boxing day tomorrow here in England. I'm not sure if all my readers celebrate Christmas/Boxing Day... Because I noticed I have readers in countries I can't even spell! lol I'm a rubbish speller anyway xD

Tomorrow I'm going shopping with Amy, I got £100 for Christmas this year, adding it into my bank so I can have like £230 and go shopping :) (I got money already in my bank) and hopefully I will find some sexy things for myself and I'm looking in the sale to buy some stuff for my little brother, I did feel I got him enough for Christmas but looking back on it now I feel I haven't so I am looking to buy him new things to add to the gift list :)

Overall today was a boring day, it had highs and lows as all my days do... I got a excited opening my prezzies, got bored once I had them lol got excited for Shrek watched Shrek and got bored... Excited for dinner, didn't like dinner... Got bored watching eastenders and I sat waxing my legs, hurt too much so I gave up and then sat here online on facebook talking to punk ass people I DON'T EVEN LIKE ¬_¬


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