Monday 27 December 2010



I'm so not in a good mood right now! For all my readers out of London or simply don't know what D.P.M.O means it is Don't Piss Me Off!! And trust me... DON'T I'm in a bad mood right now... I may cheer up a little later who knows?

Charlene... Why are you in a bad mood??

You wnna know why I'm in a bad mood do ya? Mmm well truth is only God knows! I think it is because I'm OVER sleepy and I'm cold and I was hungry (till i just ate) and I feel fat ugly and smelly and my left boob hurts ¬_¬ maybee just MAYBEE that is why I'm so fricking pissed... ^__^

Sorry to rant @ my readers but mummy isn't in a good mood... I just wish I was back at college doing what I do best and doing what I love the most...

Nothing else pleases me these days, I smile, I laugh I giggle but in my heart, and deep down I'm a depressed little girl who wants to just cry, hug and cuddle up to someone, someone needs to take me in their arms and let me know the world will be okay, I'm not alone and never will be while they are alive!

Bye for now readers... I'll be back when I'm more happy (Y) 

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  1. YOU are NEVER alone =D you will always have me =D I promise LY xxx