Saturday 11 December 2010

Ipod update

Well im updating with my ipod touch not sure how this will come out really haha ill edit it up tomorrow i guess ;)

Anyway today is Saturday the 11th :) it is like 11:45pm and as normal BBC3 is on my tv :P oh how i love that channel! Lol

Today has been real boring, woke up around 10ish and got washed N put on my clean pjs and jammed all dai in them!! My plans floppes today so i had a real lazy day, i ended up falling asleep about 4pm and woke up gone 6 tehe im not lazy im a sleepy baby ;) i then jammed again mummy made dinner fish and chips and watched x facor im well upset cher has gone!!

Matt ia an awful singer ib my eyes the trash!! Beccaa to win i say now! What do u all think? ;)

i fell in love today, with Rihanna on x factor and that sexy Ian guy on Take Me Out! Offft i would ;) lol sex on legs! i went off rihanna after the whole Chris Brown bizz as i love him but now i like her too :) tehe

i best go to sleep boy or watch tv ;) night

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