Wednesday 8 December 2010

Wednesday 8th

College Day <3

Well today hasn't really been a good day for me, I went college this morning and it was so cold :( I was in salon today and had NO clients :@ so I never passed today, I really want to pass so I do need someone to come get a facial next wednesday (holla//let me know) ;) I had to have a patch test today, from Monday I'm starting tinting :) Got to see if my skin reacts to the tints, so far so good ;) I then had to rush to Primark in Oxford st to buy some pumps because my stupid plastic college shoes broke and my feet get wet in the snow :( lol anyway I had a nice lunch KFC with my friend from college, Sara... I then went back to class and had some coughing fit :( I'm still not well... Got my pump out and was feeling much better really :) and then I had my exam :D the close book exam I was soooooooooooooooo sure I was going to FAIL epicly... WELL GUESS WHAT!!

I PASSED!!!!!!!!!!!!

   I am well excited to pass, hardly anyone in my class passed this exam :) After passing my exam it was the end of the college day... So I left with 3 friends and was heading home... We then we window shopping down Oxford st :) That was fun looking about but I did want to rush home for Corri but clearly missed it :( I then went to get a train home with one of my friends but the train station was closed ¬_¬ I then tried to get in the station by going the wrong way down but the lady sent me away :( I had to wait like 30 mins for a stupid bus, then there was so much stupid trafic in London it took about an hour + to even get to South East London again ¬_¬ I WASN'T happy!! This time it was past 8pm, well past 8pm meaning I had been on the street for a full 12 HOURS!! Now I'm home, semi-warm and typing ;)

Good night, more updates tomorrow xxx

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