Tuesday 7 December 2010

Time to sleep :(

Bed time <3

Bed time for me now, it is like 22:37pm GMT here in London, I have college tomorrow and I'm working in the salon, I needed a client for a facial but people are too budget to be paying £20, even though this is my life ¬_¬ Oh well.... Oh so people who don't know... I'm a beauty therapist in a college in West End also know as Oxford St. Well I'm a student lol I have passed my level one so I guess I can do mini facials and mini mani, I can also do a full facial now :D Excited much? ;) Very much so =P Soon I'll be doing fake lashes, eye brow shaping, tinting eye brows and eye lashes. I'll be doing it cheap for my good friends ;) lol so if you want them done let me know!! Even if you only know me from being on here you should still come down we are always looking for people to do! Nice pamper day before Christmas! :)

I have an exam tomorrow in college after working in the salon, it is about bones, muscles, masks and things like that, I think I'll fail I'll more than likely pass as I have done the odd bit of studying :) I'm bricking it now though, I just want to pass so badly, I don't take well to failing, I know I'll burst out crying like some little girl lol! *Not A Good Sight* lol

Well, Now....
I'm going to bed! Time to watch some Family Guy, and SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP! 6am start in the morning :(  

Oh and P.S My laptop key isn't working *SOB* So I'm sending my laptop off tomorrow to get fixed, should only take a week I think... :) But I'll see if I can update from my Ipod touch or my blackberry ;) : D

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