Tuesday 28 December 2010


Today has been a real weird day, I woke up at like 3pm because I was up watching tv till like 6am

Its 19:13 and I'm listening to Youtube as my ipod is on charge :)
I'm currently in love with:

You have not found love till you listen to these songs TRUST :D
I woke up at 3 as I said and I went off to the toilet, washed, watched a bit of tv and came back to my room... Sat on my bed and guess what I saw? MY TRAGUS BAR!! It fell out while I was sleeping :( I touched my ear and the hole has closed up! I wasn't happy!! ¬_¬ so I went and got one of my piercing needles and re did it. I was NOT letting it goe. I've had this done for 2 years now, it has only gave me pain but I love it so much!! :)

Anyway update later : D

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