Wednesday 5 January 2011

Back To Normal?

Everything has gone back to normal today, I had college. I LOVE College :) I didn't fall asleep till like 4am and had to be up and out the house by 7:45 well that so didn't happen lol, I was on time though :) 

I was working with Sara today, a girl in my class. I did eye brow and eyelash tint and eye brow shape. Went well :) This finished around 11:30 and we went on a break, so me and Sara went to the gym next to my college. I ended up signing up it is Fitness First that I signed up to, it is £30 a month and I'm going to see my personal trainer tomorrow! Totally looking forward to it ;) 

At lunch today I had a subway like I said I would :) I have a bacon and chicken one with alot of salad and NO dressing :) I forgot to say up there that I had 211 calories in the morning with the meal supplement. I also just had my dinner, lunch was at 1 and I just ate now time being 8:26 :) My belly was making so much noise in college lol I was so hungry :( I'm semi-starving myself, I eat a bit I never finish stuff.

I feel so HAPPY today! Honest the most happiest I've been in like 4 years! Sara & I won some comp thing in class got some beauty products, I'm going gym to loose weight, I'm nearly ready for my driving exam, I'm getting EMA, I'm getting an iphone soon, my personal trainer sounds kinda fit ;) and I feel all around happy! I think its college really I'm just in love with beauty! I love it. It truly makes me happy inside. 

I better go now though, I have a little bit of college work to do. I don't need to do it will Monday but if I leave it till then I'll forget and blah blah blah...

I May not update tonight, I'm going to go on WII later and have a lovely bath, I need to shave my "lala" as my teacher called it lol I'm not looking forward to the whole waxing down their, I've always shaved it so waxing is going to hurt :(

Night and love you all if I don't update, if I do look forward to my new pictures ;)

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