Tuesday 4 January 2011

End Of Day 2

Hey everyone, I've just got home from the meal! :) Well it went well I guess. I decided to have a burger with chips and I was really naughty and had a fudge cake like I said I would :( Funnily enough I don't feel too bad about eating it! The J2O I had was 130 calories so that takes me to like 500 calories today and then lets say the burger chips and fudge was like 13000 calories, so that isn't good right? :( Gosh I feel bad. I'm deffo going on the WII soon! Or I'll wait till tomorrow after college. ALOT of walking will be done then! I have to walk to the 3/4 floor in college and that is like 2 flights of stairs per floor! 

I feel kinda depressed right now, not sure why :\ Just don't feel myself. I feel really fat and ugly so I guess it is myself </3
 good bye for now

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