Tuesday 4 January 2011

Diet day two

Day two of the diet from hell!

Day two of my diet, I woke up this morning well I should say afternoon, I got up washed dressed and mum was out, I had driving at 2:30pm and it is now 4:10 and my instructor still hasn't shown up :@ I had a meal supplement this morning for breakfast it was like 211 calories. I've worked out 700 calories per day really isn't realistic lol so I'm going to try 1000 per day. I've also had a actimel that is 100 calories so so far I've had 311 calories and it is only 4:13pm!

Today is one of mums friends birthday, she is like an aunt to me. Well I call her auntie anyway. And she wants to go for a meal. I think we may be going... not sure mum isn't really up to it feeling ill or whatever... And I'm so worried! :( The place we are going to have the meal I LOVE their chocolate cake with ice-cream! I love the beef burger and onion rings :( How can I live on this diet when that alone will be like 1000 calories! :O I know I'll want to be sick after eating it :(

Tomorrow I start college again, I really can't wait, I've decided I'll have my meal supplement before going to college that should fill me up till around 1ish that is when my lunch is normally, then I'll just have a nice salad or something, or a sandwich. I can't be eating KFC or whatever else all the other girls eat. They are all skinny so they can eat KFC every day :( I can't I feel odd when I'm sitting there them with their food and me with my sandwich! I may have a subway... Do you think they will get pissy if I asked them how many calories are in their stuff? :\ Surely they have to tell us right? :\ 
I've now been on the site and I'm fully heartbroken nearly 500 calories. Can I really have that many? :(

I got a call today, from Harley Medical Group... The place I'll get my boob job done by, They said to me it is £4400 for a boob job! I really need to get my money sorted! Please help by donation $2 to my breast job fund. 
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