Monday 3 January 2011

End Of Day 1

So it is the end of day one on my diet... I woke up at God knows what time this morning, I ate a brown bread roll, I ate mash sweetcorn, carrots, mince I later had 4 cookies. The cookies alone was 111 calories per two. The roll must of been about 300 calories and the mash and stuff I don't even want to think about it :( I played wii today, I've not played it in like a year, apparently in the year all I've put on is 3lbs I bet it is lying because after a quick 30min workout it said I lost nearly a stone ¬_¬ A STONE MY ASS! ¬_¬ I think they need to fix the wii xD I was really upset when I saw my BMI :( I want it down to 20 or something healthy :(

I'm going to bed now... Gym tomorrow <3 

Time to bust some moves and loose this fat suit :)

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