Monday 3 January 2011

Day 1: Cheating on diet?

So I started my diet today as you all know and already I feel like I failed! :(

Yesterday I wasn't on my diet and all I ate was meatballs, chips and sweetcorn for dinner and then a slice of cheese cake. I had some animal biscuits as a snack but I had like 4 because there was hardly any left in the pack :( lol 

So around 2am this morning I was feeling really peckish, and I was wide awake on my laptop watching t.v and decided I'd have a pack of minstrals (however you spell it) and I totally feel like I failed but the truth is I guess, they are like lets say 100 calories, I had a brown bread roll, well I'm munching it now and it is 2:23pm and later mum is going mince, mash and carrots. So lets say all of that is about 700 calories? maybe a little more who knows do you lot feel I've done wrong today? :(
I feel like crap, I feel that I need to not eat at all! I'm going to change up my room later so I can play wii again, I've not played wii in about a year! :\ ekkk 

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