Sunday 16 January 2011

Eastenders spoiler: Airs Monday 17th

Connor and Carol decide their feelings are mutual and they start to plan to run away together.
While sweeping outside the bookies, Carol receives a phone call from Connor but rejects it, unaware that he is watching her from across the street. Soon afterwards, Glenda arrives and - noticing Carol's anxious mood - she reassures her about her relationship with Connor, prompting Carol to admit that she's in love. Later, Carol and Connor finally admit their feelings for each other and make plans to run away together. Carol shares her plans with Glenda, but in doing so, she accidentally refers to Connor as 'Billie'.
Bianca and Ricky are surprised to have been called in to visit Tiffany's head teacher.
Meanwhile, still struggling with her discovery about Carol and Connor, Tiffany has punched Bobby Beale and told people at school that her grandmother died violently. Bianca and Ricky are called in by Tiffany's head teacher to discuss the matter, and they're shocked and confused by her behaviour. When Ricky tells Carol what's been going on, she insists she knows no reason why Tiffany would act in this way, but she realises that she has to break up with Connor and breaks the news to him later in the evening. Later, a distraught Connor receives a visit from Whitney and kisses her passionately.

Unsettled by the day's events, Bianca searches Tiffany's room and is deeply disturbed by some of her drawings. She then tells Carol that she believes Tiffany is being abused...

Elsewhere, Tamwar has been left in charge of the refurbishment at the Argee Bhajee but is annoyed when Zainab interferes. He soon makes contact with Afia and arranges to meet her at The Vic, but his parents are planning an anniversary celebration at the pub and spot the pair when they arrive. Darren quickly covers for Tamwar by claiming that Afia is only at the pub to see him. Later, however, Tamwar promises Afia that he will stand up to his parents by telling them that he's continuing their relationship whether they like it or not.

Also today, Alfie visits R&R with Max, Jack, Roxy and Christian - trying to have some fun for the first time since his devastating loss.

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